Exposure to radiation is often a part of going to the doctor or dentist and radiation treatments are used to address some diseases. However, if this exposure is unmonitored or uncontrolled, it can have harmful effects on the human body. Radiotherapy and X-ray examinations can put strain on unprotected areas. If you need to undergo extensive radiation therapy for a medical condition, our dentist and team offer patients additional protection.

Dr. Jeff Tulett uses our radiation device custom appliances to safeguard patients undergoing radiation treatments. This appliance isolates patients from potential ill-effects and damage caused by surplus radiation from a treatment. Studies show that oral conditions can appear with any overexposure to radiation, even when the exposure is not localized in the head or oral cavity. To protect these sensitive areas, our dentist creates appliances that form a barrier between the patient’s mouth and harmful radiation particles.

Soft oral tissues, teeth and maxillofacial bone are especially important to protect, not just because they are sensitive to radiation exposure, but because they also influence the entire body’s well-being. Safeguard your health and ask about our custom-fitted radiation devices in Hardin, Montana. Call Hardin Family Dental at 406-665-3300 and schedule an appliance consultation with our qualified dentist. We can work with your surgeon or specialist to provide you with safe, effective treatment.