While tooth loss a part of life children who losing their primary teeth, it should be avoided with permanent teeth. While Dr. Jeff Tulett does their best to help patients to keep their natural teeth, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary.

Good dental health habits, including at-home care and visits with our dentist can generally prevent tooth loss. But there are a few conditions in which a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. These conditions may be:

  • Infection of dental tissue
  • An abnormally high risk for dental infection
  • Serious tooth decay
  • The later stages of gum disease
  • Creating space for restorative, cosmetic or orthodontic work

Our professional dental practitioners at Hardin Family Dental can determine if you need a tooth extraction. If a problem can be addressed by other treatments or procedures, our dentist will recommend and outline an alternative dental plan. When necessary, our dental team will make sure your tooth extraction in Hardin, Montana, is as safe and comfortable as possible. Don’t leave your dental health up to chance. If you have a problem with a tooth, contact our dental team at 406-665-3300.