To maintain your dental health, you should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Every six months, you should receive a professional cleaning and a dental exam.

Cleanings and exams can are completed in one simple appointment, which is scheduled at the convenience of the patient. Even if a patient regularly flosses and brushes, plaque and tartar can still build up on their teeth. Without dental cleanings, plaque will make the teeth a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause painful symptoms, gum disease and tooth decay. During the cleaning, the dental hygienist will floss between teeth, remove any plaque and tartar, and polish the surface of the teeth.

At your exam the dentist at Hardin Family Dental’s dental office will check for signs of disease in soft tissues and the structure of the mouth. Our dentist will examine the tooth enamel for cracks and fissures. The dentist will also examine the gums and look for any abnormalities or growths on the tongue or mouth. Dr. Jeff Tulett can even check the inside of the tooth using our endodontic imaging technology.

You can prevent cavities and preserve your oral health by calling 406-665-3300 to schedule a dental cleaning and exam in Hardin, Montana.