Have you lost one or more of your permanent teeth? Would you like to restore the beauty and functionality of your smile? A dental bridge in Hardin, Montana, may be the answer. A bridge can close the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth and restore your ability to eat and speak properly.

A dental bridge consists of a tooth replacement with a dental crown attached on either side. The dental crowns will be anchored onto the teeth on either side of the gap, which are called the abutment teeth. To prepare for a dental crown, Dr. Jeff Tulett will alter the teeth on either side of the gap to allow room for the dental crowns to be placed over them. Then digital impressions will be taken of the area so that your dental bridge can be custom designed and made. When your dental bridge is complete, the fit and color will be checked by our dentist. Any needed adjustments will be made and then the dental bridge will be placed.

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