For a patient who has multiple teeth or all of their teeth, Dr. Jeff Tulett may recommend dentures in Hardin, Montana. Dentures are removable teeth replacements that can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

The two main types of dentures are full and partial. Our dentist can determine which type is best for you. Full dentures are used if all of the natural teeth are missing from a dental arch. They are made of an acrylic base with the replacement teeth attached. The base is placed over the gums. Conventional full dentures are placed after any remaining teeth have been removed and your mouth has had time to heal. The healing process can take several months. Immediate full dentures can be placed right after the remaining teeth are taken out. Because the jawbone often reshapes during the healing process, immediate dentures must be relined several months after their initial insertion. A partial denture is appropriate if some of the natural teeth remain. If a partial denture is used, a metal framework is used to attach it to the natural teeth. This type of denture is a removable alternative to a dental bridge.

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